Beaver Pond Leveler

MINNCOR's Beaver Pond Leveler is an environmentally and creature friendly, non-lethal solution to the problem of beaver pond flooding.

Why use the MINNCOR Beaver Pond Leveler? The MINNCOR Beaver Pond Leveler is a cost effective, easy to install device, that allows the landowner to control the water level of the pond and help maintain the natural surrounding of the existing wetland. It is an economic method of controlling the damming of nuisance beavers by ensuring proper drainage through dams or culverts. The MINNCOR Beaver Pond leveling system is an effective flood control device which manages beaver pond flooding, pond overflow, water damage and erosion.

Our Beaver Pond Leveler can be installed with simple hand tools. All of the main components that you need can be purchased as part of our kit package.

Beaver Pond Leveler

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  Price Qty
7020000107 - Adtl 8" x 9' PVC Section (w/ purchase of leveler kit) $50.00
7020000110 - Additional 8" x 9' PVC Pipe Section (w/o kit purchase) $75.00
7020000115 - 90 Degree x 8 PVC Elbow $48.00
7070000100 - Intake Device $299.00
7070000111 - Leveler Kit $549.00
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